How to Install Solar Panels For Your Home

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How much are solar panels

Solar panels are a great addition to any home. First of all, they reduce energy bills by supplying the house with an alternative form of energy. Secondly, they help protect the environment by reducing the consumption of harmful resources of energy. Thirdly, they increase the value of your home when it comes to sell.

However, many people hem and haw over their installation, because they don’t know how to install solar panels. They think it costs an arm and a leg to hire an installation company, let alone buying them. Simply put, these naysayers are wrong. Learning how to install solar panels is easier than you’d think.

To help you learn how to install solar panels, here’s a quick guide explaining how to install solar panels for your own home!

1. Find the Right Spot.

Your first step is to find a spot where they’ll receive the maximum amount of coverage. People typically like to put them on their roofs, but there are tons of solar panel mounting systems to accommodate placement in other places, too. You can put them on the ground, on poles, and even on your RV roof if you so choose.

2. Figure Out the Latitude Tilt.

Your solar panels need to tilt towards the sun in the sun in the amount of your latitude number if you live below 25 degrees latitude. If you live directly at 25 degrees, your panels should be tilted by 25 degrees. After 25 degrees, you’ll have to add ten degrees for every five degrees of latitude up to forty degrees. For example, 30 latitude equals 40 degree tilt; 35 latitude equals 50 degree tilt. At 40 degrees latitude, you’ll want to add 20 degrees of tilt to your latitude number. So if your latitude was 50, you should tit your panels by 70 degrees.

3. Placing the Mounts.

You should place your mounts by about four feet apart. If you plan on going the conventional route of placing the panels on top of your roof, you can use a stud finder, or the blueprints of your home to find what rafters they should go on.

4. Secure the Mounts.

The next step on how to install solar panels is to secure everything with steel bolts. You should make sure that the area around the steel bolts is sealed to keep the thermal envelope air tight.

5. Fasten the Panels.

At last, we come to the step on our “how to install solar panels” list when we actually get to install the panels. The panels usually have an easy-to-fasten panel to mount interface, but make sure that they’re off the roof by about three inches, because the airflow beneath them will keep them running at maximum efficiency.

6. Connect.

The last, and best, step on our “how to install solar panels” guide is to hook it all up! It’s best to consult your local electrician how to connect your panels to your electric supply, but, at this phase, you’re ready to do so!

There you have it folks. That’s basically how to install solar panels. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. More like this article.

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