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Three Ways to Hurricane Proof Your Home

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Hurricanes seem to make landfall in the United States with ever increasing frequency. Homeowners in areas that are impacted by these storms are left with the proposition of losing their homes and the financial investment they have made or trying to offset the potential damage these storms can inflict. For those homeowners, here are three ways to storm proof a home that are particularly useful for hurricanes.

  1. Impact Windows: Objects picked up by hurricane force winds can hit your house like shot from a cannon. If that object hits a window, anything or anyone behind that window must withstand the force combined with flying shards of glass. To avoid the potential fatalities that can result from such incidents, impact-resistant windows can be installed. Those that remember the first

Should You Invest in Asphalt, Rubber or Metal Roofing? Making the Best Choice for Your Home

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When it comes to home improvement, you either love it or hate it. Whether you’re buying a new home, fixing a current problem or preparing to put your house on the market, a reliable roof is a necessity — not only for your protection but for your home’s value.

Inspecting your roof and choosing the material of your shingles is only one step in a long list. While there are plenty of DIY techniques for maintaining or installing a roof, a professional roofing contractor can make the list of steps seem less daunting and also ensure your roof is installed properly. The first step typically involves picking the type of roof you want for your home.

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What to Do to Clean the Outside of Your House

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We also clean the inside of our homes. Vacuum, dust, dishes, laundry, wipe, spray, scrub- we have it down to a science, for the most part, don’t we? However, often times we can forget about the outside of our homes. Exterior house washing is just as important as interior house cleaning. Gutter cleaning and pressure washing and other methods are all crucial to give your home that curb appeal that you want it to have. While not everyone sees the inside of your house, every passerby in car or on foot will see the outside of your house and you want it to look nice