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Thinking of Selling Your Home? How To Landscape Your Home for Optimum Resale Value

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Almost 90% of real estate agents will tell their clients to upgrade their landscaping design before putting their home on the market. Why is landscaping so important? In two words: curb appeal. Your outdoor landscape is the first thing potential home buyers and visitors see when they arrive. Think of your landscaping design as the gate to your castle – - or the moat if you’ve indulged in watery designs. Having an attractive landscaping design can increase your home’s resale value by 14%. It can also raise your property value by 12%.

According to 97% of real estate agents, landscaping design is a top five home improvement, a recommendation they give with the

How Stop Get Rid of Bothersome Graffiti with Only A Brush

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You have been in this situation before, you drive up to your building and see that someone has painted their name in ten foot letters right in front of your main entrance. Some people call it art, you have no problem with art except for when it is spray painted all over your building when you have clients coming in less than an hour. If you own or manage a property you know how much of a nuisance graffiti and other forms of vandalism can be. On average, professional graffiti removal can cost several hundred and even thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the surface. However there are other tricks to try before falling back on commercial sandblasting services.

Try Painting Over it

If the vandalized surface is a painted surface, the quickest fix is to just repaint over

Don’t Ignore These Signs of a Broken Furnace

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The last thing you want during the cold winter months is a broken furnace. Before the chill really sets in, check your heating and cooling units for anything out of the ordinary. If you do notice one or more of the following red flags, call your local furnace repair service before your house becomes an ice box.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

  1. Crazy noises: Your furnace should never be silent, but it is also abnormal for a furnace to be making a lot of noise. If you are hearing banging, groaning, or whining noises, your furnace repairs will need to include replacing a loose belt or correcting an ignition problem.
  2. Uneven temperatures: