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Are You Looking Forward to the Warmer Days When Running Your Furnace Will be Unnecessary?

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It is that time of year again. The time when you are so tempted to shut off the furnace and open the windows. The item of year when you wish it should be alright to run the air conditioner a little during the day, but still be able to turn the furnace on at night.
As the last few weeks of winter wind themselves down, spring seems to do its best to let us now what is to come if we are just patient enough for the last few cold days of the year. An abrupt change from temperatures in the songle digits on a Monday can suddenly shift to the mid 50s by the weekend. And as tempted as you are to celebrate the anticipated warmer weather, the reality is that we all know that a few warm days in February do not really mean all that much. In fact, sometimes the warmest unexpected days in the months of February or March are simply