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The Hidden Culprit of High Utility Bills

Written by admin. Posted in Heating and Cooling

heating and coolingWhen the weather begins to get warmer, you are usually ready to turn your air conditioning system on. You aren’t alone, as heating and cooling a home account for about 48% of energy use in an average home in the United States. If you’re using an old air conditioning unit, you will likely brace yourself for another few months of high utility bills. Making matters worse, the older your air conditioning unit is, it’s likely that you’ll pay more in utility costs.

Homeowners can receive monthly utility bills that are outrageously high. Don’t sit idly by while your bills continue to skyrocket; there is something that can be done. A common culprit for expensive monthly bills is typically an older heating and cooling system. Switching over to a high-efficiency air conditioner can help reduce energy use by 20% to 50%. Innovations in technology have allowed for newer air conditioners to run much more efficiently. What does a more efficient air conditioning unit mean for you? Benefits to updating your air conditioning system can mean big savings on monthly utilities and a cooler home.