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Upgrade Your Shower with a Tile Backsplash

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Glass tiles for kitchen

Are you interested in doing some DIY home improvement projects? We recommend tiling your shower to give your bathroom an expensive-looking upgrade. 78% of home improvement projects in the United States include remodeling the bathroom. Take a look at your shower closely. Does it look old and worn out? That’s why you should consider adding a shower wall tile to give your bathroom an awesome backsplash. Need more reasons to upgrade your bathroom with shower wall tiles? Here’s why shower wall tiles are a great home improvement project:

  1. Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive
    According to a Houzz study, 60% of the participants reported their intent to remodel their master bathrooms. Do you also want to make your bathroom look way more expensive and classy? If you answered yes

How to Stay Stylish and Safe With Different Kinds of Flooring

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Mosaic glass wall tiles

One of the most important aspects of any home is the type of flooring. It’s easy to forget when it’s underneath your feet but it really can make or break the type of home that you’re living in. Now, it all depends on the type of house you have, the aesthetic of each room and the function of each room as well. You wouldn’t want a carpet in your bathroom or tiles in your bedroom. These don’t serve the utilitarian or comfort functions that are so important to each of those rooms. Shower floor tile goes one place, an ornate backsplash goes somewhere else and so on and so forth. You certainly wouldn’t want a turtle pool mosaic

3 Layers of Lighting Good for your House

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Exterior lighting design

Getting the light right in your house could be the difference between a cozy warm ambiance and a dull living space. With lighting accounting for 11 percent energy use in residential building and 18 percent in the commercial building, it’s evident how much people spend just to power up their surroundings and making them more habitable. Generally, a well-designed lighting pattern in your house can result in remarkable energy efficiency and savings. Therefore, it is necessary to consult your lighting designer or expert for some inspiration on proper home illumination that yields a balanced and cohesive lightscape.

Decent lighting is essential to amplify a house visual appeal. This is achieved by breaking from the normal overhead light and introducing these three layers of brilliance: ambiance, acc