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Fun things to do with shovels and shove rakes

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Shovel rake combo

When the summer comes around, it’s time to get outside. Whether it’s for work or play, many of us spend the summer outdoors to get that fresh air we don’t usually get for the rest of the year. There’s no more magical time than summer. This is true for the US as it’s true for many other countries. It’s a time of adventure and romance, a time to be productive in different ways than normal. Of course, to help implement all of these different facets of summer, from play to work, you’re going to need the right tools for the job. Especially if you live in a colder climate, this might be the only chance you get to do some outside yard or field work and you don’t want to let it go to the waste. So what yard tools should you use when you get this chance? The shovel rake? The root saw? Well read on and find out. The