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Take Your Landscaping Up a Notch with Lighting

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Landscape lighting st louis

For many homeowners, landscaping is a very big deal. There is no question that landscaping adds value to a property, but what kind of landscaping is right for your home? Even if you are not thinking of putting your property on the market anytime soon, you still might be considering doing something to make you yard a more inviting and open place to spend some time relaxing.

Almost 70% of homeowners say that they use their yards as places to spend relaxation time. They are willing to spend their money on a place where they can let their troubles go at the end of the day, or perhaps meditate before they start a hectic day at work. Over 80% of homeowners believe having a yard is important and 90% of them believe if you have a yard, it should be well maintained.

Many different designs can be found

Why Waste Removal is a Green Service

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In the global struggle to reduce the human impact on the environment, waste management plays an important part. The 3Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle – can help to cut down the mountains of trash produced by the business of everyday living. Such basic services as trash pickup, dumpster rentals, recycling programs and commercial trash services can all help to reduce the pressure on landfills and dispose of hazardous materials safely. Trash removal is a green service, and it?s time we recognized it as such.

Waste management as a green service
Waste management is a green service. Trash collection has been around for a long time and has been recognized as an essential service for just as long. Now, as we are witnessing a cultural shift in fa