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Exterior Home Improvements That Will Help Sell Your House

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Gutter replacement

Are you currently in the process of preparing your home for sale? Have you spent the last couple of months deep cleaning, painting, and organizing your house to increase its sale price? Updating and preparing the inside of the house is important to a real estate sale, but it is not everything. Many homeowners fail to address their curb appeal and the overall exterior of the house. This is an important area to focus on, as it is the buyer?s first impression and it contains many important and expensive parts of the house.

Well maintained lawn care

Think of your lawn as the paint of the exterior. House buyers generally will not notice the lawn, unless it is poorly maintained. Poorly maintained lawns remind home buyers of the amount of yard work they will have to do. This can turn buyers a

Why Abandoned and Disused Wells Should be Professionally Sealed

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Water tanks

Groundwater is one of our most precious resources. Thousands of people depend on it as their only source of drinking water. This is why there are laws regarding the construction and maintenance of wells, to keep the groundwater pure and uncontaminated. The whole process, from the drilling of the well, to the servicing and maintenance of the system, should be done by licensed professionals. Water well sealing too must ensure that the unused well does not become a conduit for contamination of the aquifer.

Groundwater is a precious resource
The earth is mostly water, but only about 1% of all the water on our planet is safe to use. The rest is either too salty, or unpotable, or trapped in the polar ice caps. Over the course of one year, the average American household uses 100,000 gall