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Do You Need a New Roof? Four Things to Know

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Commercial roofing

What?s the most important part of your house? You may never have thought about it, but it?s definitely your roof! If you don?t have a roof, none of the rest of the house is really of much use; yet the roof is something we usually don’t notice day-to-day.

Do you think you might need a new roof? Here are four important things to think about:

Look Inside to See Outside

There are certain signs that can show up from the inside of your house that indicate you might need a new roof. If you?ve got areas that sag, for example, something is wrong structurally.

Dark spots that show up in the ceiling are probably mold which means that water is getting in. That?s rotting your roof, and the problem will only get worse with time.

If you can see light shining in from the outside, you need to fi