Choosing the Best Pool Enclosure for Your Home

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The right type of fence will provide a sense of security and privacy while adding an aesthetic look to your home. When considering fencing for your home there are a few things you need to consider.

You need to decide what type of fence you want and if there are any regulations for a fence installation in your area. One thing to ask a fence installation contractor is if there are any regulations for the type of fence you want to get. For instance, different jurisdictions may require residential fencing to be set two, four, six, or eight inches from the property line; while permits are not required for work on fences that are not higher than 7 feet, unless it is a swimming pool enclosure.

Pool enclosures are a popular type of fence installation. Depending on the type of enclosure you install, you can enjoy your pool year round regardless of what the weather looks like outside. If this type of pool enclosure is the most desirable option for you, consider installing an interior privacy fence that will keep outside noise level out and will prevent leaves and dirt from falling into your pool, thereby saving you money on pool maintenance expenses.

The difference between a perimeter or residential fence and an interior fence is important to distinguish before buying. A perimeter fence is a fence that will surround and enclose your entire property, while an interior fence will surround only a specific part of your backyard, like a pool. If you are worried about your child or pet falling into the pool while left unattended, an interior fence is the best way to go. These fences will not be as tall as most perimeter fences since they are designed mostly for safety and not privacy. If you’re looking for some privacy and security for your backyard, a perimeter fence is the way to go.

The final factor you are going to want to take into consideration when looking for a pool enclosure is how much maintenance your fence down the road. Wood Fencing will require staining and repair every few years, while a pvc fence or a glass fence would only need to be washed down occasionally to maintain a clean look.

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