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5 Sources of Water Leaks Within a Home

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When all is going well, water should be able to move through your home freely. However, situations can occur where water leaks are present within a home. In fact, statistics show 10% of homes contain leaks that waste nearly 90 gallons of water each day. Whether you’re dealing with a small or massive leak, it’s wise to have these taken care of by a plumbing service. Water leaks can cause your monthly bills to increase. These increases can become much higher in homes with lots of people needing water. Considering that, here are five common sources of water leaks.

  1. Toilets

    A toilet is an essential appliance in any home. That being said, it can often be one of the main sources of leaking water. You’ll first want to check where the water is coming from. If water is leaking at the bottom of your toilet, the seal has become damaged. In other cases, water leaks from the toilet tanks which often require repairs by a Continue Reading No Comments

The Importance Of Regular Home Maintenance

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If you own a home, you know that extensive maintenance is often required. Maintenance can be preventative, to keep problems from occurring and repairs from becoming necessary. But in order to fully upkeep your home, such servicing to all aspects of it should be done on a regular basis. And if there is the need for any repairs, from gutter repairs to roofing repairs, they should be conducted quickly, before the problem can progress and worsen. When you buy a home, you must factor in the eventual costs of maintenance and repairs into your budget. It is estimated that for a home that was originally sold for around two hundred thousand dollars, the cost of maintenance and repairs over the course of one year will be around an additional two thousand dollars. As your home ages (or if you move into an older home), it is likely that this amount will increase.

Roofing services are important for any home owner. The condition of the roof is key to the overall integrity of the home,

The 3 Most Common Household Pests

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Nothing beats affordable pest control when you find out that you have home invaders. Pest control specialists and exterminators are called to investigate and dispose of all kinds of pest species throughout the United States. Listed below are their top 3 moneymakers and some facts you might want to know about them.

Termites are easily the most concerning pest insect when they start to invade your home because of their diet of wood. It’s estimated that $2 billion is spent annually just on the prevention and treatment of termites in the home. This is in part due to the termite queen, who can lay approximately 30,000 eggs every day, and live anywhere from 15 to 25 years. This means that if you can’t find and dispose of the queen as soon as possible, all those new termites will keep eating and cause structural damage to your house along with their siblings.

Carpenter ants are another la