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Why Gutter and Roof Maintenance is Important

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Why Gutter and Roof Maintenance is Important

Gutters handle all of what the seasons brings. This means it’s collecting rainwater, leaves and snow. An inch of summer rainfall pours nearly 1500 gallons of water onto your roof. Each gallon of rainwater weighs eight pounds. home with clogged and overflowing gutters will likely be holding weights in the thousands of pounds.

Taking Care of Your Roof

Maintaining your Gutters is crucial to your homes foundation. Gutters keep water away from the structure and foundation so it’s important to clean, repair and replace them when necessary. If your roof isn’t maintained, it can cause gutters to fail and you’ll end up calling professional gutter cleaning technicians.

The roof goes hand-in-hand with gutters. Taking care of your roof can extend its life and the life of your gutters. Regular maintenance can prevent leaks and damage to your home. Lower-quality roofs and roofs over 20 years old have a greater likelihood of su