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Six Steps to Replacing Your PTO Clutch

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The average farm in the United States is 418 acres. The average American spends about four hours a week working on their lawn. That’s a lot of room and a lot of time, and that’s one reason for all the Bush Hog, John Deere, and Swisher lawn mowers out there. If you’ve got a riding lawn tractor, at some point you’re going to need lawnmower parts; and you may even have to replace the clutch at some point. If you find yourself having to do a PTO clutch replacement, here’s what you need to know to get it done.

  • Gather your supplies in advance. You’re going to need your PTO clutch replacement, a jack, jack stands, and two wrenches. The most common wrenches are the 35mm and the 5/8 inch wrenches, but you’ll need to check in advance exactly which ones you need for your particular model and PTO clutch replacement. You’ll also want some work gloves. If you got everything you need before y