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Get Your Coastal Home Ready for a Hurricane

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Nature’s fury can damage homes, farms, roads, and more across the United States every year, and one of the biggest challenges is preparing homeowners for the destruction of a hurricane, especially on the East Coast. Recently, Hurricane Irma dealt enough damage to cost taxpayers $90 billion, but if a homeowner knows what to do, hurricanes can be endured, and a home can stand tall when the storm dies down. Designing a house with this in mind can go a long way, or even purchasing one, ready-made.

Buying a Hurricane Safe Home

Homes can be either refurbishes to withstand a storm, or hurricane ready homes can be purchased as they are. According to Fortune, homes resistant to storm damage are readily available, but often, buyers are simply not aware of them. 800,000 single-family homes were built in 2017, the website says, but among them, only 8% had concrete frames, a common and practical way to resist hurricane