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Make Your Home Energy Efficient With These 5 Tips

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Everybody wants to save money and an energy efficient home is a great way to do just that. In today’s world there is all kinds of energy efficient and ecofriendly home technology to utilize, so it’s easier than ever to cut out energy waste.

If you are looking to save money on things like air conditioning costs, read on for 5 tips that will help you achieve your home efficiency goals.

1. LED Light Bulbs

One easy way to save money at home is by switching your lights to LED light bulbs. They last longer than other bulbs and don’t use as much energy. They’re also very bright so they still do their job well without costing you more.

2.Utilize Ceiling Fans in the Summer

Ceiling fans are a great option for adding extra cool air to your home in the summer. They help to get rid of that stickiness from humidity and can allow you to raise your thermostat setting by a few degrees to c