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Roof Restoration Vs Roof Replacement

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Unless you are a roofing expert or at the very least a handyman, it may be hard for you to know when your roof needs to be restored. Looking from the ground, your roof possibly looks like it’s in perfect condition. Upon closer inspection, however, you may find that some of your asphalt shingles are damaged. Instead of doing repairs, it may be feasible to do a whole roof restoration. Before you decide that it’s about time you undertake the project, there are several things you need to understand about restoring asphalt shingles and your roof in overall.

Is roof insulation better than roof replacement?

Roof replacement means the removal of all your roofing materials and the application of a new roof. On the other hand, roof restoration means the removal of some roofing materials that are damaged and leaving behind those that are not. When it comes to roof