The 3 Most Common Household Pests

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Nothing beats affordable pest control when you find out that you have home invaders. Pest control specialists and exterminators are called to investigate and dispose of all kinds of pest species throughout the United States. Listed below are their top 3 moneymakers and some facts you might want to know about them.

Termites are easily the most concerning pest insect when they start to invade your home because of their diet of wood. It’s estimated that $2 billion is spent annually just on the prevention and treatment of termites in the home. This is in part due to the termite queen, who can lay approximately 30,000 eggs every day, and live anywhere from 15 to 25 years. This means that if you can’t find and dispose of the queen as soon as possible, all those new termites will keep eating and cause structural damage to your house along with their siblings.

Carpenter ants are another la