Did the Bed Bugs Bite? How to Get Back to Sleeping Tight

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It’s all fun and games until the bed bugs really do start to bite.

If you haven’t had the displeasure of dealing with bed bugs, count yourself lucky. Just the thought of these little critters is probably making you itch all over. Imagine how it would feel if you actually had them in your home. Luckily, when it comes to killing bed bugs, there are a few different solutions you can try out.

Start fresh

Most people would hate the thought of going back to sleep in the same bed that was once filled with bed bugs. If your Beautyrest mattress is currently under attack by these pesky critters, then maybe it’s time to hit the reset button. Throw out the old mattress and head to a mattress store to pick up a new Tempurpedic mattress, Serta mattress, or stick with your current brand and get another Beautyrest mattress. However, with this method, you might have to throw out your clothes and a lot of other things as well.

Turn up the heat

If your bed bugs are more like luggage bugs or favorite sweater bugs, then you have a different removal option. Before you bring them into your home and end up with a full-on invasion, grab a black garbage bag and pack up the infested items. Leave the bag out in the baking sun for as long as possible to raise the internal temperature and kill the bugs. Your unpleasant hitchhikers will die once their body temperature reaches 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep ‘em clean

One of the best ways to get rid of bed bugs is to regularly wash your sheets, comforters, blankets, pillow cases, and any clothes that have been on the floor. You’ll want to wash them thoroughly and then dry them on high heat to kill any bed bugs and their eggs. Do this regularly to limit the number of bed bugs each time and compound the effects with other extermination methods.

It’s also important to regularly check your children’s bedding and clothing for bed bugs, particularly since children spend roughly 40% of their childhood asleep. Being proactive about bed bugs is the best defense you can have, but a good exterminator is the next best thing.

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Really Easy Ways To Avoid Carpet Cleaning

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Did you know that about 47% of couples argue about cleaning? That’s such a silly thing to argue about, but here we are. There are really easy ways to keep clean around the house. Carpet cleaning services are among the most popularly needed professional housekeeping chores to have hired.

We’re here as professional cleaners when you need us, but good carpet cleaning professionals have hacks — more like practices — to keep your carpets cleaner than usual most of the time. They’re super easy to follow. However, old habits are tough to break, so pay attention.

No shoes

The rest of the world looks at American indoor shoe habits with disgust. The bottoms of your shoes track the most filth into the house, visible and invisible, beyond anything else. Take. Them. Off. This is a difficult habit to break for some, but even that little sneak in and out of the house tracks the world with you. Do your carpet a favor and leave them at the door.


Whether your spill is that glass of cabernet from a raucous wine tasting or the biological function spill of a pet, stains happen. It’s important to get to them quickly. The longer they’re allowed to soak into the fibers of your carpet, the less likely they are to come out. So, no, don’t leave that spill for later. Address it immediately, while it’s still able to be cleaned with ease.

Professional carpet cleaning

It’s an inevitable fact of having a carpet and keeping it healthy and beautiful for a long time. Even when you’re keeping a sharp eye on the day-to-day cleanliness or your carpet, the invisible grossness of the air settles into your carpet like billions of unwanted intruders. Over long periods of time, it can even lead to health issues. Have professional carpet cleaners clear the area every now and then. You and your carpet will be better for it.

Don’t let cleaning be a source of argument. That said, take your shoes off in the house, mind spills quickly, and get a professional cleaning from time to time. It’s simple, sagely advice that’ll make your home a more happy habitat.

Humans And Termites: Can We Replicate Their Success?

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Termites are known for their less-than-charming characteristics (and their ability to instantly inspire a phone call to the exterminators): they cause millions of dollars in damage each year, they’re incredibly hardy, and they multiply at unbelievable rates (the queen lays approximately 30,000 eggs every day). However, they are quite remarkable as a species if you consider other aspects of their nature, such as their “swarm intelligence”, profound ability to turn grass into energy, and their capability of creating vast, intricate structures wildly outside of their own size range. So, do your best to lay off on calling the exterminators until after you’ve read this piece!

An article in the New Yorker detailed some of these aspects. The author describes them as “hard to love, but…easy to admire” — she is directly referencing their ability to create termite mounds, which are among the largest structures ever created by nonhuman animals.

“They reach as high as thirty feet, which, proportional to the insects’ tiny size, is the equivalent of our building something twice as tall as the 2,722-foot Burj Khalifa, in Dubai.”

Additionally, the pesky pests have a unique ability (thanks to the thousands of microbes living in their bellies) to convert dead plant matter into energy. According to the Department of Energy, the U.S. produces around 1.3 billion tons of dry biomass (made of dead plant matter) every year, and without taking anything away from what’s used for agricultural purposes. If we could harness the secret of termite digestion, that biomass could be turned into nearly 100 billion gallons of biofuel (sometimes known as “grassoline”) every year — that would be able to reduce the number of vehicle emissions by approximately 86%!

When it comes to the intelligence of the colony as a whole, science described it as “stigmergy” : the idea is that a trace left behind in the environment by one agent triggers further action by other agents, creating a positive feedback loop, basically explaining why extremely simple creatures seem to perform joint-decision making — like in the crafting of a termite mound. Researchers believe that stigmergy may be the secret to understanding and creating artificial intelligence, something which humanity has already begun taking steps toward.

We know this information won’t stop you from calling your nearest pest control services, demanding they send their best exterminators to eliminate pests you discovered in your basement (and nor should it), but maybe you’ll be able to look at them in a new light — as creatures who do exceptionally well for themselves despite the havoc they wreak on human life.