Window Blinds Why They Matter

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Although blinds are one of the most common features of a home, oftentimes they remain undervalued and underappreciated when it comes to the magnitude of their importance. If you do not already have them, you definitely should consider installing blinds. Not only do they add to the aesthetic of a home, but recent studies have found they reduced the heat loss in any given room by nearly 10% or more. When you take into account how expensive heating services can be, there really is not a downside to installing blinds for most, if not all, the rooms within your home.

Window fashions tend to be up to whatever the homeowner desires, but if you know you do not exactly have an eye for what may or may not look the best, it is always better to turn to the professionals. Besides, if you ever decide to move you want to make sure your home is comprised of the very best, down to the very last detail on your blinds and drapes. Many companies offer a Continue Reading No Comments

Four Blinds That Would Look Great in Your Home

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How to install plantation shutters

Did you know that window blinds can reduce heat gain in the summer by as much as 45%? Blinds, whether they are wooden plantation shutters, aluminum Venetian, or Roman, are difficult to select because they are in part tools for keeping our homes insulated, but they are also essential in bringing together decor. While you consider different styles and materials for blinds in your own home, you can use this guide to help you choose the right style of blinds.

  • Wooden plantation shutters.
  • Wooden plantation shutters are often described as contemporary yet traditional, and simple while also being elegant. With plantation shutters you generally have one big decision to make, and that is wh