4 Ways Gophers Cause Damage to Your Yard

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While many living in the United States remain safe from certain dangerous animals, there are still threats you’ll want to be aware of. For example, many homeowners each year deal with the damage that gophers can cause to a yard. Statistics show that 13 of the 34 various gopher species in the world reside in the United States. Considering that, it’s understandable that you might be dealing with the presence of gophers in and around your yard. With that in mind, here are four ways gophers can cause damage while residing around your property.

  1. Gophers Build Massive Tunnels

    One of the main ways gophers damage yards is through the almost constant building of tunnels. These aren’t small tunnels that are easily fixed. Unfortunately, many gophers are capable of making tunnels that can reach anywhere from 200 to 2,000 feet. Considering that, these tunnels mean that yard damage from gophers can add up fast.
  2. Destroying Your Landscaping

All It Takes Is One Why Slips And Falls Are Some Of The Most Devastating Incidents In The Workplace

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A single trip and fall can change your entire life.

It’s not much to think about when you’re a child, running through youthful years and shaking off skinned knees. When you’re an older adult, though? A slip and fall incident can result in broken bones, serious sprains and even a trip to the emergency room. Even worse? Too many households and work environments are completely unsuitable when it comes to mitigating the risk of slip and fall incidents. When you want to take the initiative and make sure everyone is safe no matter the weather or time of day, you reach out to stair grip tape and no slip stair treads.

Slip and falls may be devastating, but the vast majority of them can be prevented with a little foresight.

Slip and falls happen just about everywhere. In fact, some of the most devastating incidents occur in the safety of your own home. The function of the Continue Reading No Comments

5 Sources of Water Leaks Within a Home

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When all is going well, water should be able to move through your home freely. However, situations can occur where water leaks are present within a home. In fact, statistics show 10% of homes contain leaks that waste nearly 90 gallons of water each day. Whether you’re dealing with a small or massive leak, it’s wise to have these taken care of by a plumbing service. Water leaks can cause your monthly bills to increase. These increases can become much higher in homes with lots of people needing water. Considering that, here are five common sources of water leaks.

  1. Toilets

    A toilet is an essential appliance in any home. That being said, it can often be one of the main sources of leaking water. You’ll first want to check where the water is coming from. If water is leaking at the bottom of your toilet, the seal has become damaged. In other cases, water leaks from the toilet tanks which often require repairs by a Continue Reading No Comments