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Fire Safety Needs to be a Priority in Your Restaurant

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Clearwater fire suppression services

Restaurants and public food places are a common occurrence in many cities. Many cities are built with hundreds or thousands of restaurants in high demand areas. A lot goes into the planning and the design of a well functioning commercial restaurant. The kitchen, where the majority of the product is designed and performed, must be in great working condition. It must have all of the necessary appliances, tools and a great cook. In addition to the great functioning kitchen, it should also be extremely safe. Commercial kitchens include a lot of potential safety hazards. These hazards can be dangerous to the employees on site or to the employees that are visiting the restaurant. A safe kitchen should have efficient and quality fire equipment, in the event of a fire emergency.

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When it Comes to Plumbing, Minor Problems Can Become Major Disasters

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Commercial plumbing repairs

Procrastination is unfortunately a part of human nature. In spite of a wealth of folk sayings about a stitch in time and an ounce of prevention, we tend to put things off until it’s almost too late. That’s especially true when it comes to plumbing. Putting off fixing leaks or insulating water pipes leads to problems calling for emergency repair. In fact timely plumbing repairs could prevent the emergencies from happening in the first place.
Leaks and drips are not just a nuisance, they cost money. Even a minor leak can add hundreds of dollars to your water bill, and do some serious structural damage your house. And if it leads to a pipe bursting, you may well be dealing with