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What to Do to Clean the Outside of Your House

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We also clean the inside of our homes. Vacuum, dust, dishes, laundry, wipe, spray, scrub- we have it down to a science, for the most part, don’t we? However, often times we can forget about the outside of our homes. Exterior house washing is just as important as interior house cleaning. Gutter cleaning and pressure washing and other methods are all crucial to give your home that curb appeal that you want it to have. While not everyone sees the inside of your house, every passerby in car or on foot will see the outside of your house and you want it to look nice

4 Reasons To Employ A Locksmith (BEFORE You Lose Your Keys)

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You’re probably no stranger to the idea of a locksmith. We all spend ten minutes a day searching for lost items as a matter of national average, and we’ve never met a house or car key that liked to stay in its rightful place. However, the locksmith isn’t just there for emergencies. Below are a few situations where you might want to preemptively get a locksmith involved:
1. You’re looking into keyless entry.
One way some people decide to deal with the fact that they’re always losing their keys is to invest in keyless entry. This kind of security system usually involves a digital combination six or more digits long. Continue Reading No Comments