What to Do to Clean the Outside of Your House

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We also clean the inside of our homes. Vacuum, dust, dishes, laundry, wipe, spray, scrub- we have it down to a science, for the most part, don’t we? However, often times we can forget about the outside of our homes. Exterior house washing is just as important as interior house cleaning. Gutter cleaning and pressure washing and other methods are all crucial to give your home that curb appeal that you want it to have. While not everyone sees the inside of your house, every passerby in car or on foot will see the outside of your house and you want it to look nice and welcoming, especially as visitors and guests walk up to it. A thorough exterior house washing can make your home look brand new. Here are a few tips for getting your house sparkling from the outside in.

  1. Pressure Washing
    It’s important to know what you can pressure wash and what can’t handle it. Any kind of vinyl or wood can usually withstand a good pressure wash but you don’t want to start with a pressure washer. It’s actually better to start with the gentlest part of the cleaning and then continue on to more powerful methods as necessary. If you don’t have to use a pressure washer at all, that’s even better although you may have some serious grime that only powerful washes can get through to. Regular dirt and dust can be washed off with a garden hose.

    If you do decide to clean using pressure washing techniques, there are a few things to consider.

    Such as soap. Usually water is enough to get a good exterior house washing although if you find any mildew or mold growing, then you can add a cleaner that is made to kill those types of growth.

    Make sure you also have the correct nozzle. There are different sizes of nozzles for pressure washes so you can decide how strong you want the spray to be. a 40 degree spray nozzle should be plenty to start with.

    Before starting, make sure everything is secured. Pets and children should be inside and all the windows and door should be closed. Safety goggles are a good idea for yourself to avoid getting dirt and debris in your eyes.

    How to Pressure Wash

    1. Spray downward. You want to spray at an angle facing downward, similarly to how weather would affect the exterior of your home. You don’t want to spray into any cracks or areas where the water could get trapped or leak into the house.
    2. Test an area before you get started. If there is an damage where you sprayed, pressure washing may not be a good idea for you.
    3. Don’t stop moving the hose. A steady side to side motion should be employed as you spray the house. If you stay too long in one area, the materials of the house could actually get damaged.
  2. When Not to Pressure Wash
    If your home is made of brick, stucco or wood shingles then pressure washing could cause some serious damage. This is when you want to use a regular garden hose. If needed, you can get special nozzles for garden hose to make the pressure slightly stronger but not as much as a pressure washer.

    If you have ivy or roses or vines growing along the walls of your home, a pressure washer will destroy those.

  3. Using a Garden Hose
    If you need to use a garden hose instead of a pressure washer, here are a few tips to do so.

    1. Take a very good look at the outside of your house. Anywhere that has grime or mold or mildew will need to be taken care of first.
    2. You can pre treat any particularly dirty areas with cleaning agents before spraying. If needed, you can hand scrub them with a soft brush.
    3. Like with the pressure washer, water should be able to give you a sufficient exterior house washing but if your home is heavily soiled you can use cleaners inside the hose attachment.
    4. If you use cleaners, you’ll need to rinse your house from top to bottom to make sure all the chemicals are gone.
  4. This is all you need to do to clean your house. It doesn’t have to be a huge job.