Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Help You Create an Oasis

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For many home owners the most important rooms in the house when it comes to decor and functionality are the lounge, the kitchen and, sometimes surprisingly, the bathrooms. With more than 85% of all houses in America having been built pre 1980, it you haven’t remodeled your home yet, you probably should and the bathroom is a great place to start. In fact the return on investment of a bathroom addition is more than 86%. Here are a few bathroom remodeling tips to help take the pain out of getting the bathroom you have always wanted.

  • First impressions: think about the first thing you — and your guests — will see when you open your bathroom door. While you may be constrained by space, it is always best not to have the toilet staring out at you from the bathroom when you open the door.
  • Go for glass: If you are still using tatty old shower curtains, consider investing in glass shower enclosures, the favored choice for almost 80% of home owners. Not only do they make the bathroom look more modern, they are also easy to clean.
  • Energy efficiency: When you are doing a bathroom model it is important not only to consider the look and feel of the room, but also how efficient it is in terms of energy use. An energy efficient toilet van save you hundreds. More than 90% of home owners surveyed said they wanted to install these types of toilets.
  • LIght right: it is easy to overlook the impact that lighting van have on a bathroom design. Think about how light cane used to enhance the environment and add the ambiance. A soak in a soothing tub can be even better with the right kind of lighting.

Beyond these bathroom remodeling tips, home remodeling can add significant value to your house. While the bathroom makes for an ideal starting point and there are many quick and easy ways to freshen up a dated bathroom, other rooms can increase value even ore. Kitchen remodeling is always popular, whether you end up with a quaint country kitchen or a sleek modern design. Basement remodels can also increase space and add additional functionality to your living areas. Parents of teens can use them for hang out areas; hobbyists can set up shop downstairs; and dad can have his own man cave. Once you start to reinvent you home the home remodeling ideas will keep flowing. These bathroom remodeling tips are just the tip of the iceberg. Happy remodeling!

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