Landscaping as an ArtPlanting a Masterpiece


Many homeowners enjoy gardening. By the same token, many don’t. However, almost all homeowners want their home to have curb appeal. Landscaping is big business, and, if the owner of the house doesn’t have a green thumb, and doesn’t want to physically do the work that will gain that great curb appeal, there are always plenty of local landscapers who will be happy to take that job off of their hands.

The landscaping of a property is not restricted to the desire for better curb appeal, nor is it only for the single family home. Office buildings, shopping centers, schools, and many other types of properties all rely on professional landscapers to give the outdoor areas of their property a welcoming look.

One of the most popular reasons why homeowners will have professional landscaping done on their yards is to increase the resale value of their home. Many times, when putting a home on the market, the owner’s real estate agent will suggest putting some time and a little money into improving the property’s landscaping. More often than not owners who invest just 5% of the value of their home into improvements around the outside will see an increase of their ROI of 150%. Landscape design is one of the most cost effective improvements that can be done, and it will reap excellent financial benefits, usually about 14%, especially when the owner decides to sell. A buyer’s eye will be drawn to a manicured, colorful yard and garden, with just the perfect amount of shade, the right amount of sun, and patio or deck furniture that fits right in with the yard’s atmosphere. Real estate agents say that when a yard is attractively landscaped, the length of time the home spends on the market is sometimes decreased by as much as six weeks. Perspective buyers will see the outside of the house first, and first impressions can be worth their weight in gold!

Many homes do not have level yards. There are yards that slope upward or downward, some so drastically that it may be necessary to have a retaining wall built to separate two individual plots of soil. Even if it is necessary to build a retaining wall on a property, it does not have to be an eyesore. Retaining walls can be attractively constructed to blend in with the landscaping that surrounds it.

Different locations require their own unique type of landscaping. Landscape design in the Northeast section of the country will have a completely different flavor from Plano landscaping in Texas, because the terrain and the weather in each section of the country are so different.

One thing that each location shares, however, is the fact that 83% of American homeowners feel that having a backyard and keeping it maintained are very important. Many individuals and families enjoy spending time outside in their yards, and statistics show that those who invest in the upgrade and maintenance of their yard spend at least six hours out of the week outside doing their gardening, entertaining family and friends, or just relaxing.

So, not having a green thumb is no excuse for having an overgrown yard anymore! The art of landscaping is growing, and artists are out there, ready to turn every yard into a masterpiece. Find more on this topic here. Find out more here.