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A Guide to Commercial HVAC

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Two-thirds of all United States homes have air conditioners. This one of the most popular types of appliances found in American homes. As a result, the world of Commercial HVAC and all of the jobs involved are on the rise and are being paid more and more money now! Here are all of the facts on HVAC installation, furnace maintenance, and more!

Duct leakage can sap 20% to 40% of the energy out of even a well-operating air conditioner. This will result in a homeowner spending money on wasted energy. So you will both miss out on the good air for your home and you will end up spending extra money on energy that you do not even use. So get a Commercial HVAC worker to your home to inspect and check out your air conditioner.

According to, most HVAC system filters need to be changed every one to three months. If you fail to change these filters then you could be spreading dust throughout your home. Avoid doing this by just simply investing some money in getting a Commer

How the 3 Rs Can Help Us to Achieve a More Sustainable Lifestyle

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As people try to shift to more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyles, they are starting to focus on waste removal and management practices. Ordinary people, cities and municipalities, and waste management companies are all starting to pay attention to the 3Rs. These are strategies that can help to minimize waste and our impact on the environment. Recycling can play an important part in reducing waste.

What are the 3Rs?
Reduce, reuse, recycle. These are the three strategies for waste management that can help to minimize waste and reduce our negative impact on the environment. Our planet is quite literally drowning in a sea of trash produced by human activity. Over a lifetime, each American will produce garbage that weighs more than 600 times his or her own body weight. On a daily basis, Americans produce an average of four pounds of garbage.
Following the Three Rs can help us to reduce the amount of waste we produce, and to live a more

Enlarge Your Home with a Sunroom Addition

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One of the most exciting aspects of home ownership is the area of home improvements. A gazebo, garden shed or storage sheds can all make use of the outdoor space that comes along with your home. Also, a sunroom addition will bring more light into your home for year-round use.

In your own backyard, you can create an oasis that is completely your own, designed to meet your needs and created in accordance with your specific likes and dislikes to your own taste. And most Americans clearly feel this way. In 2017, it is reported that homeowners spent over 60% more on home improvement projects than they did in 2016 (according to a survey from HomeAdvisor).

What kind of home improvements are being done? The list is long, and as varied as your imagination! Some of the projects include a sunroom addition,screened in porch additions, garages, garden sheds, gazebos and storage sheds–among others.