Why Gutter and Roof Maintenance is Important

Why Gutter and Roof Maintenance is Important

Gutters handle all of what the seasons brings. This means it’s collecting rainwater, leaves and snow. An inch of summer rainfall pours nearly 1500 gallons of water onto your roof. Each gallon of rainwater weighs eight pounds. home with clogged and overflowing gutters will likely be holding weights in the thousands of pounds.

Taking Care of Your Roof

Maintaining your Gutters is crucial to your homes foundation. Gutters keep water away from the structure and foundation so it’s important to clean, repair and replace them when necessary. If your roof isn’t maintained, it can cause gutters to fail and you’ll end up calling professional gutter cleaning technicians.

The roof goes hand-in-hand with gutters. Taking care of your roof can extend its life and the life of your gutters. Regular maintenance can prevent leaks and damage to your home. Lower-quality roofs and roofs over 20 years old have a greater likelihood of succumbing to harsh winter weather while most newer roofs are built to withstand snow loads of 15 to 30 pounds per square foot.
Northern Virginia Roofings’ inspection list says to check for damaged shingles, moss and other cosmetic issues.

Gutter Maintenance

Clogged gutters are the number one cause of basement water problems. A good way to maintain gutters and prevent clogs is to inspect them regularly. True Value recommends checking for any signs of corrosion, look for holes or leaking joints and check for any loose, missing or bent gutter hangers.

Cleaning Gutters
Occasionally clean the gutters and the downspout. This can reduce the chance of your gutters clogging and damaging the roof or home. Clogs can happen where the downspout connects to the gutter, according to True Value. Gutter cleaning should be done at least twice a year. Using wet/dry vacuums or handheld blowers help you get excess debris out. For tight spots and compacted debris, put on gloves and use a gutter scoop to clean out the downspout. If you’re afraid of heights, or you’re uncomfortable maintaining your own gutters, consider hiring a professional gutter cleaning company.

Repairing Small Damages
If you find small holes or cracks in your gutters, repair them as quickly as possible. A patch kit or roofing cement are alternative to small repairs. If repairs go unnoticed, you can end up having to pay gutter cleaning technicians or get a gutter replacement.

Gutter Cleaning Costs
Despite the ease of maintaining gutters, it may not be for everyone. If you feel better having a professional maintain your home, hiring gutter cleaning technicians is another option. Low-cost gutter cleaning can start at $70. Gutter cleaning on single story homes could cost as low as $60, whereas gutters on taller buildings or homes could cost as much as $325 for cleaning, according to HomeAdvisor. The national average for gutter cleaning services is $150.

Whether you’re hiring a professional or doing things yourself, those gutters should definitely be on your to-do list. Gutter cleaning technicians will inspect your gutters abs recommend services for repairs or replacement. Either way, ensure you maintain your gutters with inspections and repairs year-round to prevent any damage to your home. Don’t forget about the roof! Maintaining the roof helps gutters function properly and both part a part in protecting your investment in a home or business.

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