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Leaks Cause Damage You Better Call a Plumber

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Leaky faucets that drip a single drip per second can waste over 3,000 gallons of water a year. That is the precise amount of water used to take over 180 showers! While some plumbing jobs can be handled by a home owner, like cleaning a shower head, most plumbing issues require expert attention. It always pays to let a plumber check your plumbing for issues in which you may not be aware. They have the knowledge, expertise and skills it takes to handle many different plumbing repairs in which you are not equipped.

Has Your Water Stopped Completely?

When you have no water in your house it can be distressing. This is a rare problem, and usually water does not stop flowing to your whole house. You can call for emergency plumbing service to help indicate what the problem might be. Before the plumber gets there confirm that all water outlets do or do not receive water. Check