Leaks Cause Damage You Better Call a Plumber

Leaky faucets that drip a single drip per second can waste over 3,000 gallons of water a year. That is the precise amount of water used to take over 180 showers! While some plumbing jobs can be handled by a home owner, like cleaning a shower head, most plumbing issues require expert attention. It always pays to let a plumber check your plumbing for issues in which you may not be aware. They have the knowledge, expertise and skills it takes to handle many different plumbing repairs in which you are not equipped.

Has Your Water Stopped Completely?

When you have no water in your house it can be distressing. This is a rare problem, and usually water does not stop flowing to your whole house. You can call for emergency plumbing service to help indicate what the problem might be. Before the plumber gets there confirm that all water outlets do or do not receive water. Check both the cold and hot water supplies. If you are unable to get any water to run, you might have a serious plumbing problem. In most cases this indicates that a water pipe has been severed or burst and the water to your home has been diverted. It is also possible you could have a leak centered around your water meter.

Are You Facing a Rapid Water Leak?

You know if you are experiencing a rapid water leak. This type of leak makes itself known promptly by spewing a lot of noticeable water that can cause major flooding in your home. This may not be a common problem, but it does call for immediate attention. Search for cut-off valves that are located close to the leak and shut the water off. If you cannot find a valve near the leak, use the shut-off valve for the main water to your house. Then act fast and call an emergency plumber.

Is Your Drainage Line Leaking?

A drainage line leak can become rapid and typically start in the kitchen or bathroom sinks. The traps located below the counter tend to leak and need to be replaced. In some kitchens the leak could emanate from the garbage disposal which will then need to either be fixed or replaced. Drainage lines go well beyond cabinets, however. They are also not easily accessible in some cases and could be sealed up behind a wall or under your floor. When a drainage line is leaking in this instance you want to control the damage caused to paint, drywall, floor coverings and subfloors. The only way to do this is by contacting your local emergency plumber.

Do You Detect a Gaseous Odor or Sewer Line Leak?

A blocked sewer line is quite noticeable since it tends to leave an accumulating pool of smelly, murky water or a lot of mushy soil. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your toilets fill when you run water in the sink or the bathtub fills with wastewater. You have sewer line problems and need plumbing help. This by far is not a do-it-yourself type of job. Professional plumbers offer a sewer cleaning service that can fix the problem. They have the tools, equipment and experience needed to handle sewer-related problems. The sooner you get your sewer problems fixed, the sooner you can get back to living a normal life.

Do You Smell Natural Gas Near Your Water Heater?

If you smell natural gas near your water heater it is time to have it checked for repairs or replacement. It’s not normal to smell gas coming from a water heater. You can check the water heater since gas water heaters come with a pilot light that indicates all is well if the flame is actually lit. If the pilot light has been extinguished the thermocouple will shut off the gas. This will prevent any gas build-up. If you smell gas and there is no pilot light, it could be that the thermocouple malfunctioned and you need to call a plumber immediately to fix the problem.