What You Don’t Know About Window Materials Is Hurting You

Windows materials can make all the difference when it comes to your utility bills. Energy could be leaking out of your home at an alarming rate, causing your bill to be way higher than it should be — way higher than it could be with just a simple window upgrade. Change your windows and doors, and you’ll see a huge change in how much you’re spending immediately.

How Important Are Your Window Materials?

You probably don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about your windows…because who does? But about 15 percent of your home’s total wall space is taken up by windows. That’s actually a huge amount. Your home’s windows are a big deal and a big contributing factor in how much you pay to heat and cool your property every month. Getting new windows and make such a huge difference in how much you pay on our utility bill, you may just be astounded. But before you spend a lot of money on new windows, find out which window materials are going to suit your needs best.

Around 30 percent of your home’s heating energy is lost through the windows. Yes, 30 percent. That’s more than one-fourth, or one quarter, of your total energy bill. Upgrading your home with the right window materials can decrease that number by a huge amount, which will cause your bill to immediately shrink.

So, how important are your window materials? Choosing the right windows is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make as a homeowner.

When It’s Time for Replacement Windows

Energy efficient windows will prevent heat loss from inside the home and help keep heat from seeping into your home during the warmest months. When you’re considering new windows, look for energy efficient designs and look for the window materials that are going to be the best and most affordable for your needs. Aluminum frames and windows are highly durable and affordable. Vinyl windows and doors come in a huge range of colors and styles, and they have a long lifespan.

Take the time to explore your options, and weigh your decision carefully when it’s time to choose from types of replacement windows. There are also many different window types for you to consider, such as double-paned varieties, leaded glass, and other window designs.

If you want to make your home every more energy efficient, consider replacing your exterior doors as well. Doors can be a huge factor in your utility bills if there is a lot of air leaking around the door itself or the frame. Wait for a windy day, preferably one that’s also cold. Stand near the door ad see if you can feel the air. If so, then you should consider replacing your exterior doors with something that will be much more energy efficient.

There are lots of different options out there for residential windows. weigh the pros and cons of each one to design a home that’s going to be energy efficinet and beautiful. You should absolutely love your new windows, and love the fact that they save you money. Otherwise, what’s the point of getting replacement windows at all?