Getting Your AC Unit Ready for the Summer

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Spring is finally here, and summer will be here before we even know it. Summer brings vacations, fun and heat. The heat of summer can be exciting at first, but then it can become overwhelming. This is especially true in hotter states, such as many of the southern states. Many of these states, such as Florida are affected by extremely high temperatures, making living and being outdoors very uncomfortable. Air conditioning units provide relief and make homes a source of shelter and comfort during very high temperatures.

Two thirds of all homes in the United States have air conditioners. Some of these air conditioning units are outdated and do not work properly. Many of them have skipped their yearly maintenance dates. Most air conditioning units require service prior to being used full time. High summer temper

Polar Vortex Got You Shivering? Doesn’t Mean It’s Too Early to Think About Your AC

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During the current Polar Vortex, the second one to sweep through the United States in the month of January, keeping cool is probably not a priority for anyone. States like Ohio and Michigan have been hammered by sub-zero temperatures while parts of Florida were colder than Alaska and snow and ice in Atlanta caused the roads to look just like they did in the early episodes of The Walking Dead. But, despite the biting cold, the time to invest in air conditioning services is rapidly approaching. It won’t be long before the spring sunshine starts to thaw out the U.S. and you’ll have to get your AC ready.

Experts say that you should get your heater inspected and repaired in the fall before the coldest temperatures arrive,and you should do the same in the spring with your air conditioning systems be