Getting Your AC Unit Ready for the Summer

Hvac service

Spring is finally here, and summer will be here before we even know it. Summer brings vacations, fun and heat. The heat of summer can be exciting at first, but then it can become overwhelming. This is especially true in hotter states, such as many of the southern states. Many of these states, such as Florida are affected by extremely high temperatures, making living and being outdoors very uncomfortable. Air conditioning units provide relief and make homes a source of shelter and comfort during very high temperatures.

Two thirds of all homes in the United States have air conditioners. Some of these air conditioning units are outdated and do not work properly. Many of them have skipped their yearly maintenance dates. Most air conditioning units require service prior to being used full time. High summer temperatures can force air conditioning units to work excessively, leading to broken units. It is a great idea to have your air conditioning unit serviced by an air conditioning company before the summer months come. An air conditioning service can ensure that everything is working properly, and that the unit will effectively cool down the home.

An air conditioning service can also provide additional benefits, such as a reduction in cooling and electricity costs. When air conditioners are running for hours per day, they can cause a huge increase in energy bills. This can be bad for both the environment and for the homeowner who has to pay for that energy. A HVAC service company can ensure that the unit is properly cooling the home, without any leakage or waste of cooling. Heating and air conditioning your home takes a 43% bite from your monthly utility bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

An air conditioning service company can also recommend any improvements or new units to homeowners. Newer units often run more efficiently and cost less in energy bills. They will also require less air conditioning repair services, as the part are newer and better working. Some newer air conditioning units are green, meaning that they are much better for the environment. Homeowners can receive tax breaks for making appliances in their home green friendly. It?s cool to be green. Manufacturing companies are making the switch from the old standard refrigerant, R22 to R410A. Removing chlorine from air conditioning refrigerants makes them ozone friendly. An air conditioning service can also change out the older refrigerants to the greener friendly ones.

The hot summer months are coming. This means extreme heat and discomfort for many of the United States southern states. Many of these states get temperature that is so high that their air conditioning units have trouble keeping up. Now is the time to schedule for an air conditioning service. A service can recommend any updates or replacements, change out the refrigerants to more ecofriendly ones and it can ensure that the air conditioning unit is fully ready for the warm summer months.