Investing in High Quality Window Replacements Can Add Value to Your Home

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The neighborhood is filthy with contractors again. After the third severe hail storm in five years it is no wonder that by the morning after the storm people were already out hanging signs on doors and trying to get new clients. The competition is so intense that some contractors are even hiring high school students to canvas neighborhoods and tagging every door with a hanging advertisement. And while this may be a great way to get new clients, it is important to realize that the number of hanging ads in a neighborhood are certainly no indicator of good of a job a company will do if they are hired.
The best window companies are local contractors who will still be around to stand by the work they complete and who will make sure that they return to address any problems that may occur. In a wide spread area where significant storm damage has occurred, it can, however, be chall

Your ‘Quick-Tips’ Door Buying Guide

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Sliding patio door

When you finally return home at the end of a long day, you breathe a sigh of relief to walk back through your front door. But do you give any thought to the entry door that separates your abode from the outside world? It is likely that you do not; most entry doors are plain, functional things. If it is time for you to replace yours, consider upgrading to something that can offer multiple benefits such as security, energy savings, or style.

What Do You Think Is the Toughest Door?

Most people assume a steel door is going to be very tough, and they are not wrong. It also sees a good return on investment According to the Remodeling Report, 2015, a steel door recoups about 75% of its (averaged) $2,000 installme