Your ‘Quick-Tips’ Door Buying Guide

Sliding patio door

When you finally return home at the end of a long day, you breathe a sigh of relief to walk back through your front door. But do you give any thought to the entry door that separates your abode from the outside world? It is likely that you do not; most entry doors are plain, functional things. If it is time for you to replace yours, consider upgrading to something that can offer multiple benefits such as security, energy savings, or style.

What Do You Think Is the Toughest Door?

Most people assume a steel door is going to be very tough, and they are not wrong. It also sees a good return on investment According to the Remodeling Report, 2015, a steel door recoups about 75% of its (averaged) $2,000 installment. Steel doors are known for being low-maintenance, and are fairly good at being energy efficient. One down side is their propensity to dent. They also can only be painted, and the paint may chip. These are aesthetic concerns only, though, and do not effect the integrity of the door itself.

Entry doors are also poplar in fiberglass. Fiberglass doors have an even better return rate than steel doors; according to the latest Cost Value Report, homeowners can see around an 82% return on investment with this choice. Fiberglass entry doors are energy efficient, in some models as much as four times as a plain wooden door. Unlike a steel door, a fiberglass entry door can be moulded to look like a wooden door. This is done by adding trims, inserting glass panels, or they can be stained.

Nowadays, we expect our entry doors to do more. We want them to be our home’s first line of defense, sure. But they must also be energy efficient, low-maintenance, and look nice too. It would also be nice if it was easy to install. We certainly ask a lot from our entry doors. Perhaps it is no wonder though, that such a simple part of our home is scrutinized. A new door can change the look of a house. And for those who plan to resell their home, it is wise to always be planning for how your house will appear to future buyers.