Decorate Your Home and Outdoor Entertainment Items With Custom Made Area Rugs

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A recent HomeGoods survey found that just 20% of Americans were actually happy with their home’s decor. In 2018, 48% of homeowners are planning to redecorate, according to a Houzz study. Since there’s an excellent chance that you’re also planning to redecorate your home’s interior or exterior spaces, you may be interested in a few ideas.

Home Decorating Styles

Since you want your home’s decor to reflect your personality, tastes, and lifestyle, there are so many ways to manifest your vision. If you’re curious how other people within the United States have decorated their homes with a specific style, here are the results of a survey on this subject:

  • Traditional: 44%
  • Modern: 22%
  • Eclectic: 13%
  • Country: 10%
  • Global: 2%

Even though you’re basically pleased with your home’s current style, you may want to rearrange your furniture, add a few new pieces, or consider other types of decor.


When Hiring a Roofing Company, Search For Quality and Experience

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Roof damage of any kind is extremely concerning to homeowners. Even the smallest crack or tear on a roof can spiral into serious problems that subsequently cause all kinds of financial and structural issues. As a homeowner, you need to make sure that you’re preventing these stressful problems from happening and address them right away — that’s where hiring a professional Tampa roofing company comes in.

When searching for a quality Tampa roofing company, however, you need to make sure you’re working with an organization that has plenty of experience roofing contractors. Back in 2005, 92% of construction firms had fewer than 20 employees and only 1% had 100 or more. Unless you have the largest mansion in the world, you won’t need much more than five or six general contractors working on and repairing your roof — and you certainly won’t need anything close to 100 employees. But you do need to make sure the repair team you are going with are fully trained and have plenty of experience.

You can start by doing some diligent research online. Nowadays, if a company doesn’t have a digital presence, even for something as conventional as construction and repair work, you might want to look elsewhere. Virtually every organization has a social media account and website that you can check out before making your decision.

Once you’ve thoroughly inspected a roofing company’s digital presence and researched their services, you can then start checking their work. They will likely have a list of references that you can simply ask for on the phone. These references will be able to inform you of how each repair job went, how long it took, and what the end result was. If you hear nothing but good reviews — you should be all set to move along in the contracting process. If you here too many complaints, however, or a few big issues like fraud or missed work, that’s when it’s time to find another roofing company to work with.

If you have experienced any property damage as a result of a storm, general wear and tear, or any other reason, you need to act quickly. Don’t neglect your home’s structural care by putting off any repair projects — get help right away. If you’re in need of professional roof and damage repair and want to work with an experienced Tampa roofing company, give us a call right away.

Did the Bed Bugs Bite? How to Get Back to Sleeping Tight

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It’s all fun and games until the bed bugs really do start to bite.

If you haven’t had the displeasure of dealing with bed bugs, count yourself lucky. Just the thought of these little critters is probably making you itch all over. Imagine how it would feel if you actually had them in your home. Luckily, when it comes to killing bed bugs, there are a few different solutions you can try out.

Start fresh

Most people would hate the thought of going back to sleep in the same bed that was once filled with bed bugs. If your Beautyrest mattress is currently under attack by these pesky critters, then maybe it’s time to hit the reset button. Throw out the old mattress and head to a mattress store to pick up a new Tempurpedic mattress, Serta mattress, or stick with your current brand and get another Beautyrest mattress. However, with this method, you might have to throw out your clothes and a lot of other things as well.

Turn up the heat

If your bed bugs are more like luggage bugs or favorite sweater bugs, then you have a different removal option. Before you bring them into your home and end up with a full-on invasion, grab a black garbage bag and pack up the infested items. Leave the bag out in the baking sun for as long as possible to raise the internal temperature and kill the bugs. Your unpleasant hitchhikers will die once their body temperature reaches 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep ‘em clean

One of the best ways to get rid of bed bugs is to regularly wash your sheets, comforters, blankets, pillow cases, and any clothes that have been on the floor. You’ll want to wash them thoroughly and then dry them on high heat to kill any bed bugs and their eggs. Do this regularly to limit the number of bed bugs each time and compound the effects with other extermination methods.

It’s also important to regularly check your children’s bedding and clothing for bed bugs, particularly since children spend roughly 40% of their childhood asleep. Being proactive about bed bugs is the best defense you can have, but a good exterminator is the next best thing.

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