Various Styles of Roller Shades You Can Choose From

When you opt for modern roller shades over other window treatments, you make your decor cleaner and more efficient. These window treatments fit inside the window or on top of it to provide a simple yet effective method of providing privacy and filtering light. Roller shades come in many styles, as the video mentions, but six types of roller shade designs abound on the market.

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Choose from standard roller shades, which feature a cord of fabric or chain to raise and lower the shade, and specialty shades. Specialty shade designs include light filtering roller shades, which let in light and block prying eyes; blackout roller shades, which black out all light to darken a room for sleeping or video entertainment; and cordless roller shades, which raise and lower by human touch. Two more recent designs stem from concerns about child safety – child-safe corded roller shades, which anchor the cord to the wall, and motorized roller shades, which provide a remote control for raising and lowering the roller shades.

These roller shades, sometimes also referred to as roller blinds, come in a variety of fabrics, ranging from bamboo to linen. They can feature prints or come in solid colors. Use them with or without an accompanying valance to complete your decor.