Update That Old House Replace Your Windows To Save a Ton of Money

Measuring for replacement windows

Home construction technology has advanced substantially in recent years. No longer do we see asbestos siding or single pane, leaded glass in windows. The most current trend in home tech is all about vinyl. For instance, vinyl siding is extremely low maintenance, requiring only an occasional wash with soap and water to make it look good as new. Vinyl has become the number one choice for exteriors in North America, and is the quickest way to bring freshness to your home.

Something even better than vinyl siding, however, is vinyl replacement windows. When it comes to window replacement tips, you only need to know what makes those new windows amazing compared to old and drafty ones. Read along for window replacement tips and info on why vinyl replacements are so much better.

To begin, over three quarters of all replacement windows are now vinyl. In replacing your old, antiquated windows with higher efficiency and safer windows, the exterior of your house will get an update, you will save money on your power bills, and you can take the costs from your taxes when you sell the house. Save those receipts!

How about some numbers to really seal the deal? With old windows, about half of all energy costs go to just heating and cooling every year. The savings costs on energy yearly is nearly 30 percent. New windows will prevent the fading of furniture, carpets and fabrics by up to 75 percent, and can block up to 70 percent of all solar gain from entering the house. This will keep your home cooler in the summer, and reduce strain on your air conditioning unit. You can even recover the price for the new windows in as little as three years.

New windows can make a world of difference for your home. Between the money savings, the value of your home going up, and simply just feeling more comfortable in your home, getting those old windows replaced is something that you will not regret. If you are considering having it done, talk to some contractors, go to a hardware store and speak to a professional about what would be best for you. Finally, just crunch the numbers. Look at how much money you pay in heating, estimate how much you could be saving, and weigh it all out with the prices of the windows and how much you could be earning and saving when you sell the house.