Go Green At Your Company and Help Your Employees Do the Same

Stormwater runoff management

In the United States, each year there are 3 million tons of toxic substance released into the environment from factories. Just to clean up nuclear facilities, of which there are 24,000 that are contaminated, it would cost anywhere between $100 billion and $400 billion. It can be daunting to think about the environmental issues facing our nation and our planet, and impossible to conceive that any one person or organization can make a difference. And yet, many organizations out there are choosing not to underestimate the importance of recycling.

Here are three ways you can join them. When going green organizations can have a tremendous influence both with their employees, and through their policies.

  1. Medication disposal.
  2. Safe pharmaceutical disposal is just starting to become a serious concern. You may have noticed signs at the pharmacy which instruct you to dispose of medication properly, and not to dump it down the sink. Once in the water system, medication can leach out into drinking water sources and easily pass through public water filtration systems. On the whole of the earth, only 2.5% of water is fresh water. In China, about 320 million people are unable to get clean water. Promote proper medication disposal to your employees to start making a difference.

  3. Electronics recycling.
  4. Proper electronic disposal is critical to keeping toxic substances and non-biodegradable materials out of landfills. Your organization can provide electronic waste recycling opportunities for employees by keeping a bin dedicated to collecting broken or unneeded electronics. There are electronics recycling companies which would be thrilled to take those materials off of your hands for free.

  5. Recyclable materials.
  6. The easiest thing your organization can do is to provide a designated spot for recyclable materials in the work place. You can help reduce plastic water bottle pollution by making sure that they get recycled in the lunch room or offices. Your organization can also provide recycling at home information for interested employees, and offer incentives for consistent use of recycling bins at the office.

When going green organizations can make an even greater impact by spreading going green ideas and going green tips among employees. Approximately 20% of all the pollution in the Pacific Ocean is created by dumped waste and cargo. Unfortunately, there is a great deal that organizations cannot control about how the world approaches environmental preservation and recycling. This is why it is important to make an impact wherever you can. More like this.