Handicap Home Bathrooms Done Right

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Simple everyday tasks like using the bathroom or taking a shower can be much more difficult in a walker or wheelchair. This is especially true in a bathroom without the proper space and equipment. Luckily, there are high quality bathroom remodeling companies out there that can give you state of the art handicap bathrooms that are both functional and beautiful.

Like with any home remodeling project, you will want to work with your contractor to have a solid bathroom remodeling design. Be sure that as you are constructing your plan, you ask plenty of questions about handicapped bathroom requirements, bathroom remodeling costs, and time frames to complete the project.

A qualified company for remodeling handicap bathrooms will spend time explaining all of the requirements for a bathroom that is easily navigated in a wheelchair. The first thing they will consider is the size of the bathroom, and if there needs to be an expansion. A person using wheelchair needs enough space to turn all the way around. This rotation radius is usually 60 inches of clear space in the center of the bathroom. Also, enough room is needed for the wheelchair to park close enough to the toilet to make an easy transfer.

In addition to the space in handicap bathrooms, you must also make modifications to the fixtures. For example, a sink needs to be open underneath, so the wheelchair user can wheel up to it directly. Showering can also be a hassle when in a wheelchair, so the appropriate style is important. Accessible showers can be roll in, or they may have a small curb and be fitted with a seat so you can be transferred safely in and out.

A great contractor of handicap bathrooms will also think of small details like lowered counter tops and grab bars in the tub and near the toilet. Do plenty of research and choose the company that sits down to explain the process. You should be able to have a bathroom that is both beautiful and easy to navigate. Being physically restricted does not have to make your life harder, so call a local contractor that specializes in handicap bathrooms now.