Landscape With People’s Happiness in Mind

City planters

Imagine walking through the most beautiful landscape you have ever seen. There are green trees and bright shrubbery lining the path. Just behind them on each side, orange, purple, yellow, and red flowers create a colorful harmony, gently swaying in the wind. Against the blue sky backdrop, this kaleidoscope of hues stands out like a mini festival of lights. The soft smell of all the different types of blossoms elicit comforting feelings and relaxation. If you are a city planner, you can make this dream a reality for your entire town with meticulous landscaping and creating a visual masterpiece that everyone in the community will admire.

Designing a large outdoor space takes planning and careful research. Large commercial planters must be filled with flowers and plants that fit the city’s feel. Flowers and plants can have a positive impact on a person’s psyche according to a study from Washington State University, so you will want to find colors that can evoke both aesthetics and mood-lifting sentiments. You might not want to plant the world’s largest flower the titan arum. While it grows to 10 feet, comes in bright colors and might line your space well, it is known for its unpleasant smell. More common flowers found in large outdoor planters include pansies, marigolds and moon flowers. The moon flower would be a great flower to plant if you are trying to create visual interest at night, since it closes when the sun rises. There are hundreds of flowers, shrubs and trees to choose from and each one has an optimal climate for its success.

In addition to which flowers work best, you will need to consider what type of large outdoor planter blends well with its surroundings. Terracotta planters, large clay planters, and precast cement planters are only some of the varieties available to you. This effect an also be created by resin planters for a fraction of the cost. Resin planters are light weight and made to look just like their more expensive counterparts. Newer models of large commercial planters come in fiberglass, which can also be cost effective. These planters are often used in contemporary design, where the planters can line a lobby or courtyard with one type of shrub, bush, or flower. In a modern building, large commercial planters made of fiberglass are often filled with bamboo, which mimics the simplistic nature of contemporary design. These shoots can grow 35 inches a day, making them the world’s fastest growing wood plant.

Once you have identified the planters that fit your space and the flowers you want to use, the only thing left is to consider how the design will come together. Creating a visually appealing outdoor setting will make any cityscape stand out. Whether you are using lush greenery to frame the area, or bright colors to compliment the season, people will appreciate the time and effort you put into landscaping. Large cities like New York and Los Angeles have rows of streets and valleys that are landscaped in ways that are unique to their own area’s charm. The same is true of any metropolis in the world, and your city is no different.