How Important is Interior Design in a Building?

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Have you ever been inside somewhere and felt like it was boring, drab, dull, or lifeless? Interestingly enough, interior design is actually a very important industry in the United States; good interior design is integral to making a place safe, healthy, and attractive for residents, customers, or clients.

There are two types of interior design, known as structural interior design and decorative interior design. One of the major parts of interior design involves furnishing, as furniture constitutes a significant part of the interior of many structures. Many people and businesses actually hire high end interior designers to fill their homes or businesses with things like modern luxury furniture.

IBIS research suggests the furniture industry in the United States is worth roughly $65 billion. When you hire a high end interior designer, you have the option of getting things like Baker furniture, Henredon furniture, and Stanley furniture, and overall, luxury furniture stores are a common stop for interior designers.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that typically interior designers become certified with a Bachelors Degree in interior design before practicing. There are more than 10,000 interior design companies in the United States, and as a whole, the industry of interior design is actually vital to the feng shui of a space. Overall, interior designers simply keep places from looking boring, drab, dull, or lifeless.

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