Five Tips for Making Your Home More Appealing to Young Buyers

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Despite the fact that there are lots of home buyers in the market with a wide range of goals and priorities, selling a home can be quite difficult. In fact, some sellers will get stuck with luxury homes for sale because they simply cannot find a buyer. While there are lots of ways to make a home more attractive, including home staging techniques, simple upgrades can be effective. Putting in a bit of effort for a new interior design, rather than undergoing full-scale renovations, can help you sell a home quickly and at a fair price. That is particularly true if you are targeting a specific group, like younger buyers.

Find the Right Paint Color

Warm neutral colors on the walls are always a good option when trying to attract young buyers. They will think that golds and beiges will look outdated, but trendy colors, like grey, allow them to envision bringing in their own furniture and colorful accessories to make a place their own.

Install White Cabinets

Though painting cabinets can be even more of a hassle than painting walls, younger buyers under the age of 40 actually prefer white or off-white cabinets. That might seem insignificant, and most buyers will probably be flexible. However, it could be the deciding factor in a sale and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Upgrade to Stone Countertops

You don’t need to be extravagant, but younger home buyers prefer granite and stone to other materials. When choosing, don’t go for bold colors or intricate patterns, because they can be a turnoff. Instead, look for solid dark colors, even black, that allows the kitchen to be customized.

Install Modern Appliances

Newer appliances are one of the best ways to upgrade a home and make it look more enticing to younger buyers. While this might be one of the more expensive and difficult upgrades to make, it will prove to be quite helpful. The difference between outdated and new appliances will change not only the look of a home, but also the functionality.

Simplicity is a Good Thing

The biggest thing to think about with an upgraded interior design when selling to younger buyers is to keep it simple. Generally, younger buyers like to be able to envision a place they look at as their own when they take a tour, and an overly-specific interior design could be a turnoff. Leaving room for freedom and customization should help you get your home sold quickly and to the right buyer. Read more.