Is Your Souvenir Collection About to Be Destroyed? Basement Leaks Could Ruin Your Man Cave

Wet basement

For more than a century, American men have displayed their hunting, fishing, and sports trophies in private rooms, scholarly studies, and “man caves.” Starting in the late 1990s, home improvement television shows gave their audiences lessons on home waterproofing and masterfully transformed wet basements into entertainment zones, also known as man caves. If a homeowner has basement leaks when it rains, they may want to contract with foundation repair contractors before they start home renovation projects.

The definition of the perfect man cave does vary according to its owner: some man caves have a sports theme, while others focus on cooking, home repair, movies, or automobiles. Home waterproofing is a must before embarking on a man cave renovation, but contractors have a few options when it comes to fixing basement leaks.

Nearly every basement leaks when it rains, and newer sump pumps are expected to last up to 30 years. Some homeowners opt to inject epoxy into their foundations; an experienced contractor can help formulate a plan for foundation rehabilitation and repair.

In general, a foundation with deep cracks needs immediate attention. If a contractor can easily break off pieces of a home’s foundation, the concrete may have been mixed incorrectly. A foundation repair company can also help homeowners assess whether their yard is contributing to their leaky basement.

The ground around a home needs to be angled away from foundation; repairing cracks in foundation walls can be a large-scale project that no homeowner wants to have to repeat regularly. Scheduling an inspection after wet weather may help contractors diagnose the extent of basement damage.

Once foundation repairs are complete
, homeowners can begin to furnish their man caves. For sports-themed entertainment zones, large screen televisions are a must. Some homeowners also frame football, basketball, or baseball players’ sports jerseys, install a pool table, or even purchase sports equipment emblazoned with the name of their favorite team. If a basement leaks when it rains, homeowners could stand to lose thousands of dollars in souvenirs and memorabilia.

The newest trend in man caves is the creation of an old-fashioned study. Leather armchairs, walls full of books, and the occasional cigar are making a comeback. Hidden stereo systems and even large-screen televisions are also possible for people who like to read and to watch sports.

During the initial consultation with foundation repair contractors, homeowners may want to discuss their renovation ideas. With proper planning and waterproofed basements, American homeowners can enjoy an oasis in their own homes.