Seven Common Reasons Americans Move

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Moving from one home to another within a small geographic area involves a significant amount of stress. The stress level involved simply increases as the distance between the old home and the new gets longer. If it involves so much stress though, why do so many people move so often? Every year, roughly 43 million United States citizens, or just under 17%, end up needing to relocate. Although some may simply have a nomadic nature, most move a result of reasons that are beyond their control, and here are seven of those inducements.

  1. Changes in a Romantic Relationship: These changes can be happy, such as with marriage, or they can involve negative emotions, like in the case of divorse. Whether the changes are a positive or negative development, a relationship change often leads to at least one of those involved calling to hire movers..
  2. Changing Jobs: Perhaps an employee is being transferred to a location 30 miles away, or maybe a circumspect job hunt led to an opportunity with a new company. No matter what the details, if the physical location of your job moves, usually so do you.
  3. Buying a House: When a person finally reaches the point in their life where purchasing a home is possible, the attempt to find local movers can be a joy. There are rent to own options and those who purchase the home they are renting, but these are uncommon exceptions.
  4. Upgrading to a Larger Home: Most people do not start their adult lives in a home that has an adequate amount of room for every stage of their lives. As new babies come home and needs change, upgrading often happens.
  5. In the reverse process as a size upgrade is the downsize, often motivated by those new babies growing up and going to college.
  6. Money Trouble: When a person is laid off or another unexpected event makes life difficult, every place where spending can be cut is examined. Whether it is desired or not, this is often followed by an an attempt to find local movers.
  7. Moving Up: A promotion or a new job often leads to more financial means, sometimes significantly more. Although not everyone moves as a result, many people who had been making do with a home that did not meet all of their needs will choose to relocate.

When the reason that inspires a move is positive, the stress can be offset by excitement, a far more difficult prospect when a person is being forced by negative circumstances to find local movers. Good circumstances or bad, anyone moving must make the best of it they can, and even a move for a bad reason can lead to a good place.