3 Reasons to Invest Time and Money Into Your Lawn

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If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where you have the space for a yard, consider yourself lucky. There are many city dwellers who would die for a meager slice of green grass to bask in the sun on. In fact, 63% would pay more for such a slice in a recent survey.

Your lawn can say a lot about you. It is one of the first things anyone who visits will actually see, and they say first impressions can have a lasting impact on relationships. That’s one of the reasons why landscape designs and lawn maintenance are incredibly important, but certainly not the only one.

Here are a couple of other reasons you should consider spending a little more time and money on your lawn care.

  1. Impress Your Neighbors: As previously touched upon, lawns are seen by all passerby’s and are a great way to engage in a little friendly one-upsmanship. Overall, 83% of Americans think having a yard is important and 90% of them believe it’s important to keep it in good condition.
  2. Enjoyable Experience: It shouldn’t be all about competition with other people though. Taking care of your lawn can be a fun and enjoyable experience for you and the whole family. Approximately 75% of Americans believe that it is important to spend time outside in their yards, according to a recent survey by Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals.
  3. Resale Value: Sometimes, it really is all about the money. Proper lawn care shouldn’t be, but it is a very real and important factor to consider. Overall, 97% of real estate agents recommended landscaping as a top five home improvement recommendation for return on investment in a recent survey. Some estimates suggest that spending as little as 5% of your home?s value on landscaping may get an ROI of as much as 150%. A home’s final resale value can be increased by about 14%, on average, from landscaping.

Owning a home comes with a variety of benefits and responsibilities. Taking good care of your lawn should be at the top of your priority list when it comes to general home maintenance for these reasons. Not to mention the fact that it’s much more enjoyable to relax in a aesthetically pleasing environment.