3 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Tornado Shelter

Arkansas storm shelters

Living in a storm-ridden environment can be incredibly scary. Considering the fact that these storms have the ability to pop up out of nowhere, it is important to go through the right measures to protect yourself and your family. If you live in states that are affected primarily by storms, then it is time to look into buying tornado shelters.

Tornado safe rooms are an important investment, and your purchase should be made carefully. The homeowner should do their homework, so here are some things to look for when purchasing tornado shelters.

Choose between an above ground or a below ground shelter

Above ground storm shelters are a more versatile investment than below ground shelters as they will be able to be accessible to the elderly, young children, and those that are injured. When built properly, both are able to give your family protection against the elements, but if you are choosing a shelter that is above ground make sure you secure them with a door that is able to protect against a category 5 tornado, as without a door your entire tornado shelter will be compromised.

Your storm shelter is certified by state and federal standards

A certified shelter is important as they are tested to make sure both type of shelters are able to withstand a direct hit from a tornado. Never buy your shelter from someone who is running a business on the side or does not have a certification process as theses unsecured shelters are not safe.

Can you install a storm shelter into an existing room in your house?

Both types of shelters — both in and outside your home — have been proven to be equally as effective. However, scientists have said that in times of a storm, many families decide not to go to their shelter because going outside poses a threat. In the end this can compromise your overall safety if your home is touched, so it is important to sit down and think long and hard about what option works best with your current situation.

Investing in tornado shelters is one incredibly beneficial thing you can do to protect your family and important possessions. Install one today to invest in your safety.