5 Flooring Types for your Home Improvement Project

Destin flooring

For many homeowners, it’s in their best interest to find structures that can add up elegance and spice up amazing finishing touches in every corner of the house. In finishing your house design and style, or conducting a house improvement project after a period of time, it is eminent to focus on areas that will definitely refresh the theme of your house. Such place is the floor of a house, this part of your house experiences wear and tear on daily basis due to the daily routines and activities around the house. As such it’s paramount to consider new floor installation that can keep pace and withstand tough everyday activities. Such floor is also able to infuse your home with a bit of class.

There is an endless list of flooring options to choose from and so, it can be a daunting task when it comes to selecting the right flooring for your house. Moreover, your choice of the floor has to be right from the onset so as to avoid poor quality flooring that detracts within a very short period hurting your pockets when it comes to replacing it.

Some of the suitable flooring options include:
1.Ceramic Tile
Are you considering doing a floor installation on your house? Well, if you ever come to that and in need of a flooring that requires waterproofing, ceramic tile is the way to go. They come in different style and finishes such as embossed, matte, textured and glazed. They are not only suitable for floor covering but also as counter tops and indoors. Opt of a less gloss finish ceramic tile if you are installing it on the floor, they don’t scratch easily. For a neat outdoor flooring, choose ceramic tiles with the unglazed finish. However, if you want to hide scratches, install ceramic tiles made of porcelain color.

2.Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood flooring installation is probably one of the favorite
flooring types. Essentially, it brings a double combination effect of beauty wrapped in durability material. This type of flooring comes in options like cherry, oak, pine , pecan, maple, walnut among others and it offers a lasting service to your home. However, not all types of hardwood flooring are able to maintain a squeaky clean look over a period of time, there are other that tend to fade with time while others undergo shrinking and expansion forming spaces on the floor of your house.

3.Baboo Flooring
Going green is also possible with flooring installation, the bamboo flooring is one of the greener solutions that offers long-lasting durability with a variety of shades of brown to choose from. In order to maintain the honey brown or light tan color of the bamboo flooring, it’s advisable that the floor surface should never be left wet.

4.Laminate Flooring
If the cost of floor installation is a concern to you, then you should try laminate flooring. It is one of the cheapest flooring options providing a durable and strong surface that is resistant to chipping, burns, and scratches. This option is suitable for high traffic areas in your house especially the corridors and it can also serve as a good floor option for high-moisture rooms.

5.Marble Tiles
The last flooring option is the marble tiles which has a wide range of use, from walls, floors to hallways columns. If ever you need to add some artistic elements on your flooring, marble tiles are the best option. They are not only easy to clean but they also make a beautiful foyer.

So know that you have flooring options with you,floor installation shouldn’t be hard. Find experts to do the work for you in case the task becomes too much technical, but it’s always advisable to source for an expert who can execute the installation comfortably.