Furnishing a New House? Choose Italian Leather

Italia leather furniture

After buying a house and a car, furniture tends to be the third most expensive item you may purchase. When it comes to choosing furniture for your home, you want quality, high-end furniture.

One of the most luxurious pieces of furniture is a 100 percent leather sofa. Not only does leather furniture add an air of elegance to any room, it is also known for providing comfort.

While many people may believe that leather is difficult to take care of, it is quite the opposite. When properly cared for, contemporary Italian leather sofas can last up to 15 years. All you need to do is use a conditioner twice a year, or every 6-to-12 months. If you spill something on your sofa, then just wipe it up with a clean cloth.

Good Housekeeping states that when properly cared for, a quality recliner can last up to ten years. When you add an elegant Italian leather recliner to your living room or bedroom, you can care for it in the same way as your sofa.

In addition to contemporary Italian sofas and recliners, you may also be interested in Italian contemporary bedroom furniture. Just imagine how inviting your bedroom will be with Italian contemporary furniture.

When choosing between contemporary sofas and other furniture, you may be interested to know about the type of grains that are available. Full grain and corrected grain are both available, and which you choose will likely be based on your room’s overall decor and your personal taste.

Full grain leather is leather left in its natural state. This means that the grain hasn’t been altered in any way. Corrected grain leather, however, has been buffed or embossed to attain a special effect.

You are likely aware that Italy is well-known for its leather goods and footwear. Were you also aware that Italy is responsible for producing 50% of the machinery used to produce these products? Furthermore, Italy produces 80%of the tanning machinery that is used around the world.

When you purchase contemporary Italian sofas, you know that you will receive a quality product. Whether you’re furnishing a new home or redecorating your existing home, a piece of Italian leather furniture will add comfort as well as an elegant ambiance.