The Modernist Movement Continues to Inspire Furniture Designers

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Modern furniture was first produced during the late 19th century during art and design’s modernism movement. In addition to embracing discontinuity, disruption, and the unexpected, the modernist movement was also characterized by a rejection of realism and traditional values.

There were two early schools of modern furniture design. Bauhaus originated in Germany and continues to be popular with designers and architects within the United States. The second school to create modern furniture design was the American Arts and Crafts movement. This movement also continues to influence interior and exterior architectural designers.

Currently, modern furniture designers continue in this tradition and remain influenced by the modernist style. This furniture can be recognized by its straight, simple, clean lines and fabrics as well as other quintessential details.

If you are looking for modern furniture designers, you are likely aware that one of the most iconic pieces, the Wassily chair, was originally designed in 1924 by Marcel Breuer. The Vitra Design Museum’s entry on this innovative chair notes that the most important aspect of Breuer’s design was how he reduced “a heavy club armchair to a light frame made of welded steel tubes.” The fabric stretched across the seat, back, and armrests provides a vivid color contrast in black.

Are you planning to purchase modern and contemporary furniture for your living room? You may find it interesting that the concept of a modern living room was conceived around 1691. Charles Augustin d?Aviler discussed the difference between formal and informal spaces within the first edition of his architectural manual, Lessons of Architecture. The spaces that were most lived in, or “le plus habite,” are what influenced the creation, and the comforts, of the modern living room.

When you shop for high end furniture designers, you will be able to find a variety of modern to ultra-modern pieces to reflect your style and taste. Since you’re looking for cool modern furniture, you may want to consider adding pieces of American leather furniture such as sofas, recliners, or other types of seating.

Just imagine how your living room will look and feel with the soft and luxurious textures of a 100% leather sofa. Include end tables with an angular design, along with bold colors and other unexpected design elements. The overall effect might be an informal space that can also be formal. In fact, it will likely become le plus habite in the spirit of d’Aviler.